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When the opportunity to travel to photograph people and places are presented for the first time in many years, I felt, in a country that knew very little about from the title, and therefore, a real adventure to be had. I have a very comfortable flight from the United Kingdom to purchase a copy of the Lonely Planet and a Dhubi two hours with stops. Zia Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the name of late President Ziaur Rahman, a modern, airy building north of the city.
Still, my love – boat and the river | Photo Melcom Harris

Still, my love – boat and the river | Photo Melcom Harris

I Suhal, that the next few weeks, I was greeted as a guide. I accept the Black Hotels in Uttara, Dhaka rose northernmost district.

The next morning, he was right in this bustling city, the vibrant heart of the dive, and took a taxi from the old. I was Sadarghat, ferry terminal on the river Buriganga particularly interested in seeing. The drive through the crowded streets was an experience in itself. Rickshaws are obliged, with thousands of taxi, private cars and trucks along the airway, Pedestrians in all directions, to display all the time. Parking your car near the river, we ship via the terminal end of the road, street markets, fruit, picnic, and the daily struggle to make ends meet in a lot of people went to all involved. Terminal was packed with activity – a large ship running in all directions, put in small wooden canoes and paddled back across the river, passengers and goods from one place to another. This time about 500 meters wide from the river, and the amount of traffic on the water, there was no shocks. I saw some very close decisions. The owner of a small canoe with the hiring,, we spent a fascinating hour, the river bank where his clothes, children’s swimming, a boat on the banks of the river washed the boat and watch the paint and repair activities. Wait a few trout in the river, flying overhead, while below the surface of the chure to wrest from the large eagle-like birds.

A short walk to the west is the subject of Sadarghat Manzil – Pink Palace – dating from1872, and late in 1980 renovated. It’s like when it built its house style dress, and with its gardens and the buildings on the river.

Good price for a tour of the Old City, dates from 1677, a road from a quiet escape to the Lalbagh wall.


Choose from a wide range of hotels to choose ranging from luxury 5 star and a reasonable pension. Restaurants are plentiful. But Western dishes do not go expecting. I am a restaurant called the Bhoot, which means the waiters clad in black with masks on and parading around the table, screaming with joy for children and scaring the ghost-like.

The strife in the city, surprised, and large multi-story shopping complex to my tour, I was not one of the largest in Asia. You could not imagine the hundreds of shops selling everything, including electronic, CD, movies, clothes, jewelry. An entire floor is dedicated to every color imaginable, only to saris. The street outside, life was. For many, their transparency is difficult, with half the population still live below the poverty line. More densely populated countries in the world of Bangladesh. 83% of the population is Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist live in harmony with it. The road is a wonder as a westerner, I have found that people of all religions live side by side in peace – a very reassuring, and I have not felt threatened.

I found everyone I met was very friendly. As a European, I was the center of attention wherever he went; Generally, people take my picture on your mobile phone, wanted. They like to know “where I come from,” and knowing that I had come with photos of your home. I had my camera with a Polaroid picture of themselves so I can give.

After a few days in town, it’s time to head coach of the South. Night travel, we arrived early in the morning and the sunrise in the river Karnaphuli with dozens of huge tankers anchored, waiting for their next load. Small fishing boats have been bringing in their catches. One of the major attractions of Chittagong Cox’s Bazar sea beach is rarely known. A 120 km Long, most of the world continued to be one of you


From Chittagong, and Chittagong, Bangladesh hill from one of the least populated areas, bordering Burma. The other attraction, Kaptai and Rangamati near the artificial lake dominates the area. Lake and the boat is easy to explore the many small towns contract. Our boatman who lake, where we visited a village such as we have throughout. When we returned to the sun – is a fine book with the water reflects the color of our awards, disturbed only by occasional boat leaving home for the night. From Rangamati, Bandarban and we can show that the forest becomes more hilly and green foliage – a river Sangu small town, 92 km from Chittagong.

The person also has the appearance of a strong man, and Burma, Bangladesh and other regions with different switches. We are invited to people’s homes and was very well received.

Bandarban is continuing along the narrow peninsula, we Teknaf – St. Martins, where we have a ferry that Bangladesh is the southernmost part of the island from the 3-hour trip will take us boarded. We are a family in Bangladesh and the group visited the island for a holiday to share with the ferry. It’s not about coral island, and in one country only. Most Muslims, with fishing and tourism – it has a population of about 7000. He seemed a lot of work on fishing boats and restaurants and small shops selling local souvenirs and plenty of quiet and unspoiled, wide beaches. It is a few hours walking along the Costa Sol and eat and find a quiet place to spend relaxing. It has to be a beautiful hotel on the island, spend the night, but we have not had to wait for the ferry trip back to Teknaf.

Our final destination was the coastal town of Kuakata – the Bay of Bengal. A hurricane that destroyed the area and was recently hit by the loss of life. Living in temporary huts along the beach, with people still had a lot of the recent disaster. We brought with us some of the source distribution, knowing that the foundation of education, food, water and clothing were needed. Despite recent problems, life is going to be back to normal quickly. This secluded beach is much less developed than the silent and Cox’s Bazar. The roads are good, its fascinating to see not a unit in rural Bangladesh. Some areas are very modern hotel, and therefore there is a possible overnight stop.

We, and many river crossings and ferry ride back from the root of the problem. It took a whole day. Again, this is a great way, especially from the countryside, rivers, and see how people live and understand.

Once back, and it was time for us to take a flight before the end of the appearance. I left feeling I have a real adventure here, and in many areas, I know, you have some more details on this exciting new trip to the country.


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